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Old house -lime mortar or cement for fixing heavy iron drain pipe

Hello, We have an old 1830's brick house that needs re-pointing externally. I am using a lime mortar. Howevere the iron drain pipe has come away from the wall and I would like advice on wether the lime mortar is strong enough to be supporting the pipe, or where the screws go into the wall should I point the wall here with cement? Please can anyone advise. Thank you. Jacqueline

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The pipe would have been fixed with steel spikes - I'd fix the pipe using rawl bolts:


Answered 19th Jul 2012

Yes Rawbolts will do in the lime mortar provided the mortar is solid, if you drill and the mortar break away or might be hollow behind, then it would be sensible to rake out old mortar and point with sand and cement. Sometimes it might be easier to drill the brick if you can raise or lower the drain pipe.
Years ago they drove a hardwood wedge into the mortar and then spiked.


Answered 26th Jul 2012

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