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I would like to know the difference between these tests;
Electrical Condition Report
Periodic Inspection
Landlord Certificate

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A Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) was the term used for a number of years up until 31/12/2011 for a thorough electrical inspection and testing of the electrical circuits within a property. For an average house a PIR took about 3 hours to undertake and started from the fusebox and comprises of examining and testing each and every electrical circuit, switch, socket, shower, light, cooker, outbuilding etc.

From 01/01/2012 the term PIR ceased to exist and the layout of the inspection form changed slightly, so it was renamed an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) but essentially its the same thing and takes about 3 hours to do properly on an average house.

An EICR is required when your renting out your property as it acts as proof that the electrical installation is asafe and presents no risks to the tenants.

Sometimes when you are buying a property the surveyor or mortgage company will request an EICR is carried out so that the condition of the electrical installation is known. If its found to have defects or is in poor condition the mortgage company will often put a retention on the mortgage loan until the defects are sorted out.

Lastly as the other post has pointed out the term Landlord certificate does not reaklly exist, basically its a common term that has evovled and means the "satisfactory" status of a signed and current (i.e. in date) EICR or PIR. Older PIR's prior to 31/12/2011 are valid for up to 5 years.

As your question suggests that you maybe considering renting out your property, its well worth downloading a copy of the Landlords electrical safety guide from the Electricity Safety Council website. - see links below.






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Answered 18th Jul 2012

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the ECR is the newer version of the Periodic Inspection, a landlord certificate doesn't really exist as such

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An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is a recent (as of Jan 2012) replacement for the older Periodic Inspection Report. The set of inspections and tests for the EICR is somewhat more comprehensive than the PIR.

The EICR contains a set of findings (if any) drawing your attention to work that needs doing... (C1) immediately; (C2) urgently; or (C3) as a recommendation. It will also propose a date for the next inspection which is based upon the findings and test results. This is one of the differences between the EICR and PIR: The suggestion was that a PIR was just that. Ie: Periodic - say every 10 years.

There's no such thing as a Landlord's certificate that covers electrical installations (unlike gas).

If you are a landlord (or even if you're not!), then having a recent EICR will show that you've taken your responsibility seriously - particularly if you have any C1 & C2 findings rectified - and could help you in (heaven forbid) a legal situation.

It will also help to have a recent EICR when you come to sell your property.

Hope that helps.

Answered 17th Jul 2012

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