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Second electric meter

Hi. I have a 3 phase supply into our property (old railway station) and our domestic supply comes off one phase, the other two are currently unused. I also run my business from home and have always accounted for a % of our consumption as being business use.

I would now like to use a separate supply for the business and the easiest option seems to be to use another phase.

I assume that the connection from the incomer to the meter is for the utility company to sort. My question is who is responsible for the supply of the meter?

At this time all I want is the supply, meter, and a 5 way 100amp connection block. sorted

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Just give the Mpan number to your chosen supplier and order a supply. They should be able to sort it easily for you. Just be careful when you come to connect things as you could have cross phasing issues when using existing circuits. Get an electrician in for sure as bangs get bigger at 400 v


Answered 18th Apr 2021

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