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Diy kitchen island

I am currently doing my kitchen from scratch by myself, I am on a budget! I have already bought a worktop 600x1500 and due to finances need to use this, obviously I cannot use normal depth base as there would be very little overhang for stools. I was thinking of buying a reduced depth base unit then place the worktop on top. The unit I have found is (h)720 (w) 900 (d) 460 which would give enough overhang. I will put the legs and plinths on the cabinets also, if the doors do not open that is not a problem as it is just a base for my island and have enough storage elsewhere, obviously the back of the unit will just be plywood or similar so I was thinking of gluing 3d tiles or use mdf strips and make a panel effect then paint. Do you think this would work?

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Hi Sara,

Sounds like you have an exciting project.

I am not sure what material your worktop is made from or the orientation of the island but a few things maybe to consider.

- 330/350 should be sufficient to overhang for stools, maybe mock it up to try.
- is the worktop actually 600 deep or is it larger say 630? A full size unit should fit.
- Could you have two standard 600 wide units either side and creat the seating opening in the middle of the run. I would suggest you would need mid support, maybe some half depth units or shelves set back where your feet would go.

I’m happy to help some more but would need a photo or a plan.


Answered 15th Apr 2021

Hi, if your on a budget why not build an MDF box 350 deep by whatever width you require add 1 or 2 590 deep end panels to support your top and stabilize your box.
You can then panel and paint the whole thing.
If you dont need the storage! You dont need to buy kitchen units.


Answered 24th Apr 2021

It's gonna need some fixing to the floor. Its quite narrow n may topple over with over hang making it in balanced. Other than that will work.
Or , standard base n wider top.


Answered 15th Apr 2021

Hi i would use tall wall units 720 x 600 x 270 fix well and put a decorative back panel on That will give you 300mm overhang for stools


Answered 19th Apr 2021

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