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Stopping birds from getting in my chimney

How can I prevent birds from getting in my chimney? They are making a ruckus and keeping me up all night long!

I don't want to hurt them though.

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Fit a rain/bird gaurd cowl, simple job for roofer, problem solved


Answered 17th Feb 2011

If you want to save the birds theres not much you can do imediately, they will only stay there untill they have reared thier young, when this has passed the following may be of use to you.
A cowl is the norn for this and there are different types for different reasons, also you can put bird protection on the flaunching around the pots, these are simple to fix and prevent the birds from landing on the stack.


Answered 17th Feb 2011

hi,you need to put chimney cowls on.get a roofer to do it.thanks nick


Answered 17th Feb 2011

chimney cowls are the easiest way.2 minutes work.job done!
oatley and hoey


Answered 17th Feb 2011

If your worried about them having bird meetings sitting on the chimney making noise at night, then people here use the anti-climb spikes all around the base of the pot. If they are nesting and causing gutter blockages as I have had in my valley roof, I used bundled up chicken wire, they don't like to try and nest on that and keeps the valley clear.


Answered 19th Feb 2011

we just completed a job with this problem by fitting a wire cage like item cowel to the chimley pots ,they are simple to fit and takes about 10 to 15 mins to do
regards chris.
StayDry Roofers


Answered 28th Feb 2011

Hi a bird/rain cowl will prevent this from happening.


Answered 12th May 2019

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