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Is a self build kit cheaper?

I've heard that commissioning a build myself will leave me about £50k better off than if I bought from a developer. Is this true?

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1. Will it be cheaper? YES

2. Will you be £50,000 better off? Hmmm depends what you're making and how often the wife shops.

Seriously, most things are cheaper if you make them your self. However you can get a lot of stress and headache if the project does not go to planned dates etc. Choose your builders carefully, ask to see work they have done, as it is your house they are going to build.

Regardless of whether it's an off the shelf timber frame unit or pre-fabricated panels (sips), stone or brick; self builds can work out cheaper in most cases. You must be aware of ground conditions as mentioned in other answers as digging and re-routing things ain't cheap. It can work out cheaper, but if you are taking time off work, and do not enjoy the head aches of monitoring budgets and all the stress that can come along with building your own property then employ a one stop Professional builders firm such as ourselves; offer a one stop service and can work to budgets set by the customer.

Hope this helps, tried to keep it frank as always!

Good Luck and don't spend the £50k down the pub either..unless you're inviting us.

Kind regards

UK Management Builders LTD

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Answered 19th Feb 2011

I believe you mean a timber frame kit from a package provider, If this is the case then you will be told yes. Yes by all the timber frame suppliers that is. the true answer is every case is different. In any house building project from a single self build to a large developer such as Barratt Homes building 200 units on a site, the risk of costs going up are in the ground. Ground conditions vary to such an extent and so many variables come into play. Services for gas, electric, water, and sewage can also have large differences in costs. Once out of the ground the costs should be steady. The quantities should be the same as when the house was designed. The materials and labour costs should be around the same.
I can give you further advice on ground conditions and foundations if you would find that usefull.
Dan Wade ACIOB


Answered 17th Feb 2011

a self build kit will definetely save you money


Answered 17th Feb 2011

A self build in theory should be cheaper however make sure that you carry out thorough research before you start. The fundamental mistake that most people make when planning works is budget. There are many people who end up overspending on a project on unforesen issues and end up having to compromise or borrow more capital to finish their project.
The best advice is to undertake a feaseability study before you commence. This should determine ground conditions etc(is the ground suitable for development) and other issues pertinant prior to development.
The appointment of a construction professional initially could save you thousands.


Answered 17th Feb 2011

Now there is a question and a half! There are countless factors that determine the build cost of a new house, an extension, a conversion or indeed a refurbishment project. From experience, and in no particular order, these can include; The management route - in terms of DIY, Self build and Project Manage to Main Contractor full turn key package. The procurement option; Design and Open Tender, Negotiated Contract to Open Book - Cost plus. The overall design, the size ( floor area, height and number of floors), the specified materials or even options such as a Room-in-Roof attic truss. The ground conditions, in terms sloping sites, proximity to trees, embankments or water courses. The availability of good local builders and trades. The affordability of good building plots. The list really can go on and on.

When you say you would like/need to save £50k, I can only imagine that you have a design in mind that meets your needs or requirements and you have already had the build cost estimated? I can then only imagine that you have been advised that the build cost somewhat exceeds your budget and you would like to see if you really can have it all for the least amount of money. My advice to you would be; is be realistic about the overall build cost including fixtures and fittings and flooring etc. To listen to the advice from experienced professionals, who are professionally qualified to give you advice that you have most likely paid for. Be prepared to compromise, you would be surprised how much you could save by just tweaking your spec a little on fixtures, fittings and finishes. For a one-off house build, you are unlikely to save a huge amount (if any on the build cost) by going down the route of a timber frame/SIPs kit over a traditional insulated cavity wall. If there are lots of block layers in your area for example, then a framed system may prove to be more expensive. If there are lots of carpenters and very few block/brick layers in your area then a framed system may be your best option. Literally befriend a good recommended builder. I am confident in saying that there are many exceptional builders out there who will go that extra mile to deliver you a product that will at very least meet with your very high and personal expectations (and many who will exceed them) and deliver on time and to budget. We have developed our own pricing system and management system that aims to deliver just that. We have priced projects on an open tender basis including provisional sums, Prime and PC sums and have secured the project by offering our customers an alternative procurement route based purely on wanting to deliver to our customer what they needed at a significantly reduced cost. Can you save £50K on a £500K build cost? I would say yes. On a £100k project? I would say you would struggle. An open invitation to all genuine customers, feel free to contact us at anytime to see how you could save money on your build costs.

Kieran Gannon MCIOB


Answered 18th Feb 2011

My partner and I would eventually like to self build and have done a lot of research. The main thing, plan, plan and plan some more. Cost EVERYTHING. I read whilst researching that a well built home with good materials will cost 3k per square metre. A reasonably built home with budget materials will cost 1k per square metre. Everyone will have different opinions but approach this methondically, cover all your bases and research until you are sure you have covered everything. Everyone goes over budget, I haven't worked on a build that hasn't yet and have been involved in several.


Answered 11th Jan 2012

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