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Hello, I have just agreed to buy a bungalow in Devon but the guttering is all concrete. The house agent says that it’s not a problem but I am worried. Can the concrete guttering be removed and plastic added and is this an easy job. Would it take long ? Thank you.

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Concrete gutters are generally in the form of what is known as Finlock Stone Guttering of which was installed to properties between 1950 and the mid 70s. This style of detail has become renown for being problematic especially that is has now aged . Of course the concrete gutters can be removed and conventional fascia and guttering can be installed however it shall generally be a costly exercise and can in 50 per cent of cases expose some other unforeseen needed works to allow the new detail to be installed correctly .
So in short , yes it can be replaced but at a cost and it shall be prudent to be mindful to have an additional provionsl sum set aside for unforeseen problems .
I hope this shall help . Thankyou
Neil Fox


Answered 9th Apr 2021

I don’t need to use to many wolds job can be done on all standards which customer expect from as no deposit needed


Answered 30th Apr 2021

There are companies online that make liners for Finlock stone gutters that can be made to sizes and requirements of customer...


Answered 6th May 2021

Hello Toddington, yes the concrete guttering can be removed, yes you can have PVCu, it is an easy job for a competent person (who understands Finlock concrete gutters); and some companies take longer than others. If you look at my profile you will see a few pictures of concrete gutter removal works in Devon, I am a specialist in this area. Kind regards, Jason.


Answered 26th May 2021

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