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architects drawing and structural plans

Anonymous user 8 April 2021 - 1.40 PM

Hi All, I posted a add here and had drawings and structural plans done by a architect, council approved all went well, however now that I am looking for a builder everyone Ive forward the plans to have come back to say why is there no dimensions, the drawings are to scale. Am struggling to figure out what I’ve missed or if I’ve been hard done, any advise would be greatly appreciated

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Good evening, I hope you’re keeping safe and well in these challenging times. With regards to your query, if I understand the scenario correctly it would seem that you have had both ‘planning’ and ‘building regulations’ drawings composed (in order to obtain both statutory approvals) The working/construction drawings (building regulations) have now been issued to contractors, to which I would certainly expect there to be dimensions (to which are an important aspect) on said drawings, as one can never guarantee the drawings have been printed/plotted to the correct scale in any instance. I would envisage this to be a simple exercise for your Architects to resolve (due to the software they would typically use when composing your drawings) and subsequently provide you with amended drawings (that include the associated dimensions) Kind regards Mark


8 April 2021


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Drawings prepared by architects generally don't have dimensions added. They are drawn to scale, and fairly accurate for the purpose of obtaining approvals, presenting realistic designs and enabling contractors to price against. I'm never impressed by contractors who insist on dimensions on drawings - particularly after appointment - as they should take their own site measurements - in fact you should insist on it before any building work commences or materials are bought. However - at the costing stage it's reasonable to provide some 'guide' measurements, in addition to the scale drawings, to allow contractors to properly quantify materials and labour costs. It allows contractors to provide prices without having to put the time in to taking measurements. You should simply ask your architect to add some dimensions to the drawings - which they should do quite easily. When you have appointed a contractor though, you need to make sure they take all of their own measurements.


22 April 2021


Daa Interior Design LTD

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West Kensington, London

Hi, I believe this is a common problem. It is always best if you receive CAD drawings from the architect. This can be also practical for the future operations; For example If you have existing CAD drawings, you can always check information and update details if you change your mind. If you'd prefer not to work with a contractor because of any problem, you can always bring CAD drawings to another contractor. It can save you time and money. I hope this helps. Many Thanks Dilara


9 April 2021