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Can you put plasterboard over the top of lathe and plaster ceiling?

In our bathroom we have lathe and plaster ceiling - it is mostly smooth and only a couple of very small patches missing. We plan on having spotlights fitted.

Is it possible and safe to have new plasterboard fixed over the top of the existing lathe and plaster? Rather than having the existing stuff removed which will be a messy job.

I don't mind if it brings the ceiling 3/4 inches lower as there was previously a suspended ceiling which came down about 5 inches previously plus our ceilings are quite high.

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There's no reason why you cant do this. Identify the joists, chalk line the centre lines, and make sure you use drywall screws of sufficient length to gain a minimum 25mm purchase into the joists. However you may have a problem when it comes to fitting spotlights. Most of these have clips designed for plasterboard and you will have to be sure you get a fitting which will accommodate the additional thickness of the lath and plaster. I would check you can get the spots you want before starting the job.


Answered 12th Jul 2012

hi their theirs no reason why you cant go ahead and overboard with new plasterboard however the best way would be to find the joists and attach strips of two by one roofing batton then attach new plasterboard to the battons this way you will get a better and more solid fix.screwing new boards directtly to lathe ceilings can sometimes result in loose plasterboards as its hard to get a solid permanent fix by just screwing through the plasterboards and into the lathe hope this helps regards ama plastering


Answered 19th Jul 2012

hi this is called overboarding and is common practice regards p rowland plastering


Answered 12th Jul 2012

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