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Isolating outdoor cable

There is an electric cable coming from an outside wall of the house which appears to be under a bedrroom floorboards. Is it possible (once supply is turned off) to simply cut cable close to outside brick work and safely isolate it ? Or do I need to lift floorboards and do it internally / Thnaks

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It should be possible to do what you describe and have the cable safely terminated into a suitably rated enclosure (or even an outside socket which may be of more use), as always, it would be recommended to have the work done by an electrician


Answered 5th Apr 2021

To safely isolate the cable in question you will need to find the other side of that cable and disconnect it there. Once disconnected in can be cut (make sure none of the conductors are connected elsewhere). If however the cable is live and cannot be disconnected (for example connected to the ring main in junction box under the floor) then you will need to lift the floorboards and safely terminate the cable in a junction box.
If you are not competent electrician I strongly recommend that you hire one.
Hope that helps.


Answered 5th Apr 2021

Unless you want to see a 3” x 3” terminal box on the outside of your house permanently, this cable needs isolating safely or preferably removing from source if able. That would be internally to the building. However with some inspection and testing, it is possible to remove the cable from its origin of connection. Making the external length of cable safe and to then cut it off close to the wall. All that relies upon how and where the cable runs and to exactly where the cable originates its supply from .


Answered 5th Apr 2021

Ideally the cable should be disconnected at the source. This could be at a junction box or other fitting within the house or at the fuseboard. If this is not possible then, with the circuit safely isolated, you could cut back the cable and terminate it a weatherproof IP66 / IP67 box. Wiska make a wide selection of these boxes that would be suitable.


Answered 5th Apr 2021

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