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Neighbour extention at bottom of our garden

Hi our neighbours house is side on across the bottom of our garden. But they want to build a double storey extention across the whole side which will be right across the back of our garden which is only 12 meters away and will be on the boundary and will reduce our light. Will this be agreed do you think even if we object

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Any two storey extension will need planning permission with right of light being one of the main considerations evaluated by the planner.
You will have a right to object via your local planning website.


Answered 2nd Apr 2021

There is a good chance this will be allowed as the manic number for a ‘side to rear’ situation is 12m with no windows to habitable rooms on that aspect. Right to light is irrelevant because the test for this would easily be passed at 12m so the council will not give it weight. If you object it should be on the basis of ‘the scale and mass of the extension is extremely overbearing and has a substantial impact on neighbour amenity and gives rise to an incongruous addition which does not sit comfortably in this location’
You could also mention overshadowing if it is located to the south of you but be careful because overshadowing is easy to disprove if it is not the case.


Answered 12th Apr 2021

Hello Sue,

It is difficult to get a clear idea of the situation and layout. I'd be happy to have a look at it for you and give you some guidance. However - the extension will need Planning Permission - so you will be able to express your concerns to the council. If you don't receive a letter from the council then get onto the council website and search for 'Planning Applications' where you can view the details.
In the meantime - if you would like some help please get in touch.
J M Design


Answered 2nd Apr 2021

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