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2 way and intermediate switching

Iv got 3 switches to controll 1 light, the middle switch is the intermediate switch but I have the feed and the switch wire and neutral at this switch aswel as two 3 core n earth from the two other switches, will it still work???

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yes you join the commons as usually then you put the strappers in the intermediate as usually but you add the supply in to the top strapper and the switch line to the other top strapper, have wired intermediate switches like this myself hope it made sense

Answered 11th Jul 2012


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I see you posted how do I wire an intermediate switch on the 6th june and other questions/jobs on here, from tail and earth sizes, these are all very basic things. It sounds like your doing the flash and bang ile see if it works way which ain't safe. And if your changing fuse boards and stuff like that your going to have problems mate.
I don't want to sound dramatic but worse case scenario if it goes wrong say fire or even death you'll be in the dock. At least contact lbc tell them what your doing, pay there fee or call a spark, also get him to check your fuse board.

Answered 10th Jul 2012

Triumph Electrical.

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No! There is no neutral conection at any switch as the neutral is never switched in a domestic lighting circuit. BS7671 only permits switches to break the line (live) conductor.

Answered 10th Jul 2012

Electrical Safety Services

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if you do not know you should not be doing it

Answered 10th Jul 2012

tm property services

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if this job is inspected (EICR report) say for selling or renting out, this will be picked up as non standard wiring and put down as a c3, needing further improvment - apart from the fact you should not carry out electrical work within a domestoc dwelling unless you can prove competancy, also you would need to notify this under part P building regulations and issue a small works certificate to comply with builing regulations. also as someone else said, is it worth risking a fire or someones life to save a few quid!!

Answered 11th Jul 2012


Member since 28 Mar 2011

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