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I’m looking to fit carpet throughout the house (new build) so want it all the same.

I need roughly 85m2 at 4m max width. Is it possible/ decent practice to order the full length of carpet in one (same width) and get a carpet fitter to cut as necessary? Or best practise to order individually sized carpets?

Any advice for online ordering would be grateful

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Hi, yes overall for you the quantity would undoubtedly be slightly cheaper the biggest problem is if you get a full roll you need somewhere clean and dry to cut it up and a lot of contract fitters work alone so man handling a 20m ½ roll or more alone is hard work.
If you want to keep the costs down I'd firstly avoid carpet right secondly if your going online your bound to get a bargain but don't rule.out small independent retailers either! You could ask for a cash and carry price and for a small fee they will normally cut them into the cut lengths you need. Also ultimately they do all the heavy work for you, you save money and then if there is any faults with the flooring they can sort it for you.. its all worth thinking about.


Answered 29th Mar 2021

Order as cuts and ask for them to colour match . Your never going to be able to move a roll saying 300 kg .where would the fitter cut up ? Outside in the rain . By from a fitter or a shop and get good customer service not just another customer on the phone.


Answered 29th Mar 2021

Don't buy your carpets on line get them through a fitter


Answered 3rd Apr 2021

It would normally be cheaper to purchase a whole or half roll, but this can be a bit of a nightmare to handle. If you use a small Independent, such as ourselves, then they normally can firstly get it cut to more manageable sizes and secondly provide a fitter. The fitter then brings all the materials with them.


Answered 16th Apr 2021

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