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Is concrete driveway paint good?

Anonymous user 24 March 2021 - 9.36 PM

Hi, I have a concrete driveway looking quite old. My builder says, they can clean the driveway and then paint it with dark colour paint like black or grey and it will become all nice and shiny. I have a few questions on this - 1. Is this a good idea? 2. I am not sure which driveway paint should I buy? Can I get advice on this? 3. There are products in the market like "smartseal". Do I need paint or do I need a driveway seal kind of thing? 4. What about waterproof products? 5. What about aftercare? 6. Can the paint fade or chip?

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Borwick and sons

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The paint will eventually like all paints fade and chip, also in winter will become very slippy. I can only see 1 positive with painting and thats it will look new for a while.


25 March 2021


Mvldt limited
Mvldt limited
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Milton Keynes

Hi you can use Everest Trade - Ultimate QD Concrete Floor Paint & Sealer - Internal & External - Anti-Slip Or black tarmac paint-restorer-sealant drive master (hard wearing) Only use the right experience tradesmen for better results bring same one to see before to do your self


25 March 2021