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Odd cracked paint issue which seems not to be due to plaster or mixing paints

Looking for advice on cracking paint (not like desert cracking and not peeling). I have bits of this in the bathroom but only in one part of my bathroom near to the external wall. There is a small (bit more than hairline) crack in the wall near the window (old tenement building) from top to bottom. There are only a few of paint cracks - at most each crack is about an inch. The cracks are only on the wall back a bit from where the external wall is with the crack. Most of the cracks are also top to bottom (however not all - there are some sideways cracks). The cracks are only in the paint not the wall. As this is not all over, and given where it is occurring in the room, I am wondering if this is just due to shifting and not some of the issues noted on this site like previously painting matt over silk or anything to do with plaster as the plaster is over a decade old. So I am looking for any advise on whether this sort of pain cracking can be due to shifting walls rather than some of the other issues like the ones I noted and if so if there is any particular way to treat the issue prior to painting over. Any advice appreciated. Thanks

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I would paint it with paint (B.I.N) very strong anti dump paint. Sticks well and nothing will pass


Answered 14th Mar 2021

i would sand then pva and re skim the area and for peace of mind you can then start a fresh.


Answered 25th Mar 2021

It could be caused by many reasons eg paint not adhered to the wall or second coat applied before the first was completely dry. I would completely sand the wall down and try to remove as much paint as possible then use a stabiliser paint, two coats of acrylic on top


Answered 26th Mar 2021

Hi, so b.I.n primer paint is an option but also what I’ve used myself is Polycell Crack-Free Paint. It’s and paint and filler in one and has fixed many issues I’ve came across, unfortunately over time cracks will appear on buildings but these products should hold them of for a reasonable time


Answered 28th Mar 2021

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