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Hi, I need to replace and move my boiler. The house is a small terrace with the bathroom in the middle.

I have a choice of keeping it downstairs, which means the flue runs up from the kitchen into the bathroom and out the roof. Or moving it to the bathroom and running the flue out the roof.

My plumber is recommending the latter and says because of the cost of the flue. My bathroom is very small so I’m not totally bought into moving the boiler there and I’m struggling to understand why the flue would be a cost complication.

Can anyone help me understand the pros and cons of this situation? And give me a sense of flue complexity?


Added: there is no loft space, the house is mid century and the bathroom ceiling is the apex of the roof.

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Have you thought about putting it into your loft space?


Answered 14th Mar 2021

Each individual flue section will cost about £100 extra plus the joints. Also will need to be screwed and supported every 1m or after each joint or change in direction. So if your running a flue all the way from downstairs it will cost so much more on the install. Whereas if the boiler is closer to the roof then you will have a shorter flue run to install.


Answered 11th Apr 2021

Your plumber is correct
Most flue extensions come in 1 metre lengths and cost about 70.00 each
So the nearer your boiler is to the ground floor the more extensions you need to teach the roof hence the increase in cost
You need to consider the cost of moving the boiler to the bathroom with less flue extensions as opposed to leaving it were it is and paying for extra flue lengths
Meaning if you need 2 extra flue lengths to keep the boiler in the kitchen the cost would be approximately 140.00 for 2 extra flue lengths I suspect it would cost you more than that to move the boiler to the bathroom


Answered 13th Apr 2021

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