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Re-plastering\rendering a bathroom to tile over

Firstly I am a plastering\rendering amateur, only Hard walling up to this point.

We are in the process of doing our bathroom, because for the old plasters condition we have removed back to Brick. 3 walls are your standard house brick and the 4th is an internal wall made of black 35mm thick air brick (nasty stuff but not an option to remove).

I was going to Hardwall all walls, apply a good thick coat of PVA then tile on top. I have been told this is not the right way to do this. Is that true?
The method described to me is a Sand and cement mix (4/5 to 1) with Plasticiser-water proofer additive. Then tile directly on top of this. My questions around this method are:-

1) Is this the right path to go down?
2) What background preparation needs to be done?
3) How thick can this be applied in one coat (Min and Max as one wall would be quite thick yet the other a tight coat would be required)?
4) How should this be best keyed to receive the tiles?
5) Does this give the required moisture resistance for a bathroom?
6) What is the weight limit per square meter? (i.e. I believe plaster is 20Kg)

Thanks in advance

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hi chris,the easiest and in my opinion best way to do the job is first to make sure you have removed all of the old plaster and then brush dust off p.v.a the walls then dot and dab i.e plasterboard the walls using dry wall adhesive then skim with board finish the boards, then leave for two days then tile directly on to the skimmed plasterboard,the advantages of doing it this way is you will have a perfectly flat background which will make your tiling easier and the finished job will be perfect , hope this helps ama.plastering


Answered 8th Jul 2012

Take a craftsman to re plaster and have a piece of mind. I am a tiler and do the same
Best regards


Answered 23rd Apr 2015

Dust of the walls, spray them down with water then hardwall. Use a straight edge to make sure the walls are nice and flat and square In the corners, no need to sand/cement hardwall is much easier


Answered 25th Feb 2019

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