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Deciphering plans and visualising space

We had plans drawn up for an extension 2 years ago and they have gone through planning and building regs and all been passed, I would like to speak to somebody that can take those plans and give me a virtual representation of what the space will actually be like and someone who can give me different options of what we can do with windows and doors and layouts so that I can try and actually visualise the space and see if we want to spend the money, also someone that can advise on the different price levels of different layouts, windows, steels etc. I am however not sure what sort of tradesperson I should be going to for this? Possibly someone that can then go on to project manage the extension too.
Any advice would be hugely appreciated.

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Hi Sarah,
We may be able to assist. Although we are furniture makers, we often create 3D visuals of rooms and spaces to enable clients to picture the area for space planning etc.
Our works always involve accurate measure and survey for a successful job.
As far as the advice for alternative layouts and costing, this is best to come from your Architect and builder, but this can be something that you raise with them once you have a 3D visual of the various rooms.
Do worry many people struggle with Plan technical drawings, but it is good to get this resolved at an early stage.
Hope that helps.


Answered 9th Mar 2021

Hi Sarah,
The company that has produced your drawings for planning and building regs should be in a position to provide you with 3D representations of your layouts, as far as they actually implement 3D or BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology to produce and deliver their 2D drawing work. These also would also apply when exploring layout options and architectural components such as windows, doors, walls etc.

In relation to building cost, your previous architectural designer or architect should be able to provide you with a building cost estimation too, especially if they work using BIM technology, as this type of software facilitates the cost estimation from the early design stages and through the entire design process of a project. A building contractor would be able to give you a cost estimation as well, but from our point of view, this would work best once all the technical detail design of the project has been finalized (such as materials, finishes, structural and services coordination etc.)

If you are still looking for assistance for your project, then we can help you with all the above, as we offer 3D services and cost estimations as part of our architectural design packages for planning or any technical detail design related, including building regs.

We hope this information is helpful at this stage.


Answered 17th Mar 2021

Hello Sarah,
I understand your difficulty. Scaled plans provide essential information about development work - but they are not always the best form of 'illustration'. My work is focused on design then project management. I do a certain amount of '3D visualisation' drawing - though it isn't my main skill - I also produce the usual plans and elevations. There are individuals and firms who specialise in 3D visuals - but they charge quite a lot for their work. I should think you just need some help in understanding what the space will look like - and the effects which small changes will make. I would be happy to produce a 3D sketch from your drawings - free of charge - to see if that helps.
Joyce Moore - J M Design


Answered 2nd Apr 2021

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