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Bricking up a window

I have a small PVC window I would like to get bricked up. the window is 60cm wide x 45cm high and is in a cavity wall on the top floor. The lintels on the inner and outer wall are wood 4cm x 10cm. If the PVC window is removed can you brick up to wood lintels or do I need new lintels installed before I can brick up the opening?

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You will not need new lintels, but you will need to remove the timber ones and brick up where the lintels have been, if left in they will rott.


Answered 6th Jul 2012

if you are bricking up the windows you do not need any lintels as you are making the structure solid lintels are only to span over doors/windows etc. regards Terry.


Answered 6th Jul 2012

You can brick up to wood lintels as long as they are sound. There should be no signs of brickwork cracking above the lintel.

The wood lintels could be removed there will be no need for them once brickwork is in place.

The existing brickwork would need to be toothed out and new brickwork run in courses to match existing. New bricks should be as close match as possible to the existing work.

As always, I wouldnt attempt this yourself. Get in touch through with a good bricklayer.


Answered 7th Jul 2012

If you are bricking it up you won't need the lintels !

So it would be advisable to remove them


Answered 6th Jul 2012

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