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What is causing cracking in plaster work around doorways and stairs

I have a new 3 bed home (build 2004). Builders initially said some cracking would occur as the property settles. I have over the years noticed cracks occuring on the plaster work just above the skirting on the stairs and around doorways and around windows and some ceilings. I have filled the cracks but noticed them reappearing. The house is on a incline. I have noticed a small hole under the foundatons of the property. Could it be subsidence. Which is the right propfessional to adequately assess the property?

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no do not worry its still a new house this is down to settlment dont try filling them in just give them time as its a new house it will take around 5 years to find its own leave them you can fill them in and dont use polly filler use a fiiller called ames


Answered 16th Apr 2011

As your house is still relatively new you should check to see if it is covered by any guarantee, usualy its covered by the NHBC. If you have serious concerns about the structural integrity you should follow this path, even without any guarantee you could enguage a structural egineer to check it over.
The cracking arround the windows doors ect is usually associated with timber framed buildings, caused by the timber shrinking as it settles and adjusts to its present enviroment.


Answered 18th Apr 2011

Unfortunately new builds are just thrown up (they don't make them like they used too) It will need a few years to settle down, expand and contract. If it is subsidence there will be cracks on the outside wall. If none don't worry. Brickwork/Blockwork is very good art showing movement, so no cracks your ok. You shouldn'nt really be able to see your foundations to start with, let alone under them?? A structual engineer is the right person to get in, but if theres no cracks on the outside wall I wouldn't worry


Answered 18th Apr 2011

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