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my neighbour has removed his lawn and edging shrubs to block pave over completely ,we live on an incline so when it rains the water floods onto my patio area ,he has put a small drain into the sewer drain on his side but this gets blocked with leaves etc thus water comes over the small edge and into my garden,i am concerned that at times of flooding and freezing it will damage my foundations ,what can I do ?

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Rain water should not be fed into the sewer and should be run to a soak away.
It is your neighbour’s responsibility to do it correctly and you have every right to approach the council if your neighbour cannot see the sense of it.
Depending on your garden layout I would strongly suggest to channel the water clear of your foundations and a French drain with nice pebbles is a way to solve the problem very neatly
Good luck


Answered 18th Feb 2021

I would recommend he or you or both could install a drainage channel to eliminate excess surface water


Answered 18th Feb 2021

It is illegal to put water that is collected from your garden into the main street/sewer drainage. They should of installed a soak away in his garden so that water remains in his garden. Hope this helps.
take care and good luck.


Answered 20th Feb 2021

It is illegal to put rain water into a sewer and should be run off into a soak-away as per building regs. you should try and chat with you neighbour before reporting, failing that report him to the council for the drain and water issue as could have an environmental impact.


Answered 15th Mar 2021

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