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Will this drain product be strong enough to drive over?

I need a drain at the end of my drive. Will this product be strong enough for my car to drive over?

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Yes this will be more than adequate enough as long as you have a decent hard standing either side.


Answered 16th Feb 2021

The only way to truly tell is to read the manufacturers spec , of which there is no link to this on this website!

Off the top of my head these type of drains are either rated ;
7 ton - Pedestrian and domestic vehicle traffic (driveways)

or 22 ton - Highways

These are likely to be rated 7 ton so technically suitable for driveways if properly installed.

However in my personal oppion the galvanized grills on these type of drains often bend and distorted with vehicle traffic leading to problems. I personally prefer sutibly rated plastic lid or cast iron lid channels installed on absalute minimum 100mm concrecte base and a decent concrecte haunching either side.


Answered 19th Feb 2021

I personally wouldn't use this channel for vehicle traffic. It's too shallow and weak, its designed for pedestrian traffic/patio. It will be faulty within no time if driven over daily.


Answered 18th Feb 2021

Ideally you need d400 steel grate aco drainage.
The d 400 is road grade grate that complys with building regulations and is very robust. Regards Darren Priory paving contractors


Answered 11th Mar 2021

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