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Multipoint door lock handle spins without engaging locking bolts


I've got an old sliding patio door that will be getting replaced at some point. At the moment it's locked with two bolts in the middle of the two doors that stop the door sliding. The previous owners left us no key for the multipoint lock by the handle. I've managed to change the euro cylinder on the lock now but I noticed that the handle just spins instead of engaging the bolts in the frame. Both handles spin so the spindle is fine (took handles off to confirm this). There must be something missing off the spindle that engages the bolts in the locking mechanism. Does anyone know what this is and whether you can just buy them from a hardware store?


This doesn't look like any sophisticated locking mechanism. The pic below shows the hole where the door handle was. The spindle goes through the larger hole and it looks like it just needs something on it to connect to the locking bolts/mechanism. There was nothing on it when I removed it so it'd just spin round and round in the hole.

2nd Update:

I don't think there is a gearbox. When I remove the handles there isn't a sophisticated piece of metal there. It's simply a large round hole that the spindle goes though (I repeat, "round", not square) and a smaller hole above and below for the screws to hold the handle in place. There just appears as if there should be something between the spindle and the metal rail with the bolts on it. I can poke a lock pick into a hole in the metal rail and shift it up and down to make the bolts move into position. It's like no lock I can find a picture of online. The door will be 22 years old so maybe it's just years out of date. I'd still love to know how it's supposed to work.

In response to TJP Lock & Key:

There's no external lever, just the handle and the hole for the euro cylinder. Definitely no gear box. There's small holes in the rail next to the hole where the spindle goes through so it's clear something is supposed to connect the two.

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Sounds like the mechanism has failed and you will need a new one.


Answered 14th Feb 2021

You need to brake the euro cylinder to take out the mechanism. See if mechanism works or not.
You may need new mechanism.


Answered 14th Feb 2021

If the handles are on the spindle and they both rotate 360 then there is a fault in the gearbox. You have changed the cylinder but did you check all parts working and how did you remove the cylinder?


Answered 14th Feb 2021

It possibly sounds to me like the old patio doors that had a lever to engage the multipoint lock rather then putting the handle up like modern multipoint doors but difficult to tell without seeing it. If it does have a gear box it has most definitely failed


Answered 16th Feb 2021

I would agree withe previous comments, it would appear to be a gear box failure.


Answered 25th Feb 2021

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