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My radiator is perfectly hot but my bedroom is cold, how can i address this?

I've dealt with this for the four or so years I've been in this bedroom. Let me give some background information:

I'm 18 at the moment. We had our house renovated a few years ago to install a loft floor with two rooms and a bathroom. The 2 downstairs bedrooms were also renovated to have their ceilings lowered: this room was NOT. I did not move into this room, it was our house's storage room.

After the loft was done, then we renovated this room - replastering, painting, replacing carpet with laminate flooring. From the day I moved in, the room was cold.

The other bedrooms are warm. There is no difference in temperature between the hallways and those bedrooms. But my room? As soon as I open the door, I can instantly feel the lower temperature compared to the hallway. But the radiator is on full.

I've gone through 2 electric fan heaters, which both stopped working probably because their fuse blew, but besides, those made my room feel dry.

In terms of past insulation with this room, I'm not sure. What I do know is that this room was cold before I moved in; it was our storage room and I am pretty sure it was cold back then. This room was actually a bathroom before being made into a room a few decades ago, so I'm not sure if there even is insulation.

I know there's things I can do to make the room less cold but I'd like to deal with the cause not just the symptoms.

My room is approximately 2.4x2.4m and 2.8m high. There's a window 7.5x9.5m. Radiator is 8.1m length, 6m height, 0.6m wide.

1 - Why is this happening? The radiator is hot, yet my bed opposite is cold. Where's the radiator vanishing?

2 - What can be done about this? Our household qualifies for the Green Homes Grant and I would certainly take up that to help us.

Thank you !

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The radiator dimension You gave makes no sense.
My first guess will be that The size of the radiator is not suitable for the room.


Answered 13th Feb 2021

I’m struggling to understand where the room is within the house?
Assuming the room is on the first floor mellow the loft conversion.
Upgrade the insulation above the room.
If it’s loft space it should be min 300mm.
If the window is single glazed then this is to be replaced with double glazed window. With a trickle vent.
Insulate the inside of the external walls.
Use a hybrid insulation and plasterboard.



Answered 13th Feb 2021

Three things to consider are,
A) Install either a bigger radiator or install an additional radiator at the other end of the room.
B) Insulate the space above the room/ and or / lower the ceiling in your room.
C) Get a thicker tog duvet or a large teddy bear !!!
Hope this helps


Answered 14th Feb 2021

Very simple. The radiator is not supplying enough heat to keep up with the heat loss of the room. Get a heat loss calculation done and install the right radiator.
You won’t get a grant for changing a radiator and there are only a handful of companies doing grant work.


Answered 15th Feb 2021

quite simply, if your losing more heat than the radiator is generating l, then the room will always be cold. you either 1. Stop heat escaping (insulate/ double glazed etc..) or 2. Carry out a heat loss calculation (can find calculators online for a approx size) and install a bigger radiator.


Answered 23rd Dec 2022

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