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Which fillers to use when making good skirting?

I've just fitted some skirting - proper amateur hour but it's passable! Confused between different fillers to make good. I know to use decorator's caulk for top gap between skirting and wall, but what to use for (a) screw holes, (b) internal / external joints - all less than 5mm but will need sanding to shape them as some joints are a few mm apart ... and (c) a few small gaps under skirting on one side of room where skirting meets the laminate ... thanks.

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any interior filler will do,i use ready mixed in a tub from home bargains,couple of quid,you can build up the filler in two attempts if needed,really easy to sand when hardened,for the gap between the skirting and floor use any flexible fiiler in a tube,your decorators caulk will do if youre painting it,put masking tape down on the floor 5mm away from your skirting,remove as soon as youve gone along with your caulk, cut your caulk nozzle as wide as you need to cover the gap


Answered 10th Feb 2021

Hi there

We use Ronseal high performance wood filler which is good for small to medium sized holes and Will set rock hard so no need to go over it again. I comes in a few different colours so make sure to pick the one most suitable for yourself

You can find it at any local supplier such as screwfix, tool station or wickes

Hope this helps


Answered 10th Feb 2021

Hi regards to what filler to use ,ronseal wood filler is the best no shrinkage easy sanding for wood holes and external corners, internal corners Decorators caulk work better clean with dump cloth after you apply, hopefully this helps


Answered 10th Feb 2021

i would use a two part wood filler. build up with couple layers as to shape ends to form a nice external corner , same for screw holes .


Answered 10th Feb 2021

Firstly you need to let the timber dry out as modern timber often grown quickly so can have a high moisture content, so when you caulk it shrinks back and splits the caulk not so much the filler. You should of got wood on wood on the external and definitely the internal corners, you can use a two pack filler, but do first fill and then final fill. Hope this helps. After painting it’s possible to use same colour silicone to fill the gap between the skirting and flooring.
Thanks Gossland building ltd


Answered 10th Feb 2021

The best filler to use on skirting boards is One Strike Filler by Ever Build or similar as it doesn't shrink and is easy to sand.


Answered 10th Feb 2021

Decorators caulk for skirting and walls small internel joints the same drew holes and external mitre two pack filler it's a paste then you mix it will a small amount of hardener supplied then fill it should be ready too sand down within 15mins


Answered 10th Feb 2021

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