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Plastering walls and artex ceilings

Hi all - this is my first post...please be nice!

We're in the process of buying a property (1934 mid-terrace) and we want to have at least the lounge/diner walls plastered and the kitchen prior to moving in. The surveyor has noted that asbestos may be present in the ceilings and so we are going to have this tested to know for sure.

The ceilings are artexed throughout the property and I wondered what our options are - is it possible to plaster over artexed ceilings fairly easily?

Also, the kitchen ceiling has been subject to a leak from the bathroom above at some point, so there is a crack/line mark and some bowing - what are our options for this? If asbestos is present, what can be done with it then?

No idea of costs involved with any of the options (assuming there are choices) but as I'm no DIY-er really, it would be great to get some advice about what we could do to sort it out and have it nice for decorating.

Thanks in advance

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if the artex patterns are not very rough and spiky, there is a glue that you can apply and leave some times 4-5 hours some times 24 hours depending how fast it dries...then you skim as normal ..and unlike pva, guaranteed no plaster to come of .
if its very spike the bet would be to overboard that..though if you got nice cornicing etc..thats not suitable .
Scraping the artex ,when knowing of having asbestos is not a wise idea..though if no other way, best bet is to use steamer to remove it

the one that had water going through..if the background of it is plasterboard, then you gonna have to remove that at some stage..maybe this time maybe after few years.
If its a lath and plaster ceiling, they tend to hold a bit more


Answered 26th Jun 2012

For the ceilings I would fix 9mm plasterboard and then skim over.

This will also refix the bow in the ceiling and you will not have to disturb any asbestos.

If you think asbestos is present then there are sealant spray solutions you can use to encase any exposed fibres that may be present.

Asbestos is not a hazard unless it is airborne ie disturbed and you may make more problems trying to remove it


Answered 26th Jun 2012

If asbestos is present you could over board with plasterboard on the kitchen cealing the rest of the cealings you pva and skim for nice flat finish


Answered 26th Jun 2012

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