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Crack between stud wall for bedroom en-suite and main wall, should i be worried?


We built an extension in 2016 and recently noticed the the mail wall and between the stud wall which separates my en-suite and bedroom has started to crack.

Between the stud wall and main wall there are some big cracks which look like in the plaster has cracked from the side all the way up to the ceiling.

On the main wall of the house there are two ver small hairline cracks which I think is the paint but I might be wrong.

We only painted the wall once.

Is this a settling crack and filler and paint should do the job, or could this be structural? There are no cracks on the outside of the house nor on the wall that is connected to the original bricks of the house (left side).

The room is on the first floor and the wall in question sits on a RSJ steel beam and not blocks/bricks as planning wanted the first floor room to be half a metre back from the ground floor main wall. Building was built from soft blocks which was plastered over.

Pictures attached in this link:

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I personally wouldn’t be worried it looks like just the plaster has cracked, it looks like where everything has settled down


Answered 30th Jan 2021


I am not a builder but have decorated many many houses with similar problems, and would say that they are just settling cracks, and can happen anywhere at any time so a fill sand and repaint would be fine.


Answered 30th Jan 2021

As stated previously looks like settlement/movement cracks and nothing to be worried about, this is a very common occurrence, I personally would use a decent filler, sand down then repaint should the cracks reappear and get bigger then I would suggest having someone come and inspect them for peace of mind !


Answered 31st Jan 2021

Not being a plasterer it could be a number of things.
No cotton scrim in corners and ceilings
Insufficient ties were walls connect.
Slight settlement/movement of rsj.
Doesn't appear major bit of polyfiller and lick of paint and keep an eye on it.


Answered 6th Feb 2021

Sounds like the plaster has just began to crack with it settling just needs some filler a quick sand and repaint and should be good as new.


Answered 28th Jan 2024

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