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Extension built new plastering, do i have to paint 1 coat of undercoat first.

Do i have to do 1x undercoat of white/magnolia on new plastering before i paint the room with the main colour which is a light yellow and is that the same for skirting board. Thoughts please.

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if you are painting fresh plaster , then with whatever colour you are using water down the emulsion to 50% water and 50% paint and paint the walls for the first coat. this will seal the plaster and then you can use the paint normally for the second coat.

Answered 24th Jun 2012

ST Georges Homes Ltd

Member since 21 Mar 2012

Hi there, a thinner watered down coat of the colour is ok and if its matt but if its silk finish you will need to use a matt finish first again watered down a bit say 70/30 then the silk......dont try to touch up the silk when its dry or it will show up, plus if you have to use filler anywhere touch it up with matt first then coat the wall with silk........ as a decorator tho i always recommend to use a good vynl matt finish to my customers because if the plastering isnt spot on silk paint shows every little mark,bump,etc. As for the skirtings always knott,prime,undercoat and whatever you want to use as a finish.
Hope this helps

Answered 24th Jun 2012

steves decorating services

Member since 9 Feb 2012

Make sure the plaster is FULLY DRY! this doesn't mean when it looks dry! if you can use a moisture guage then do otherwise wait two weeks for a 3-4mm skim much longer if its been bonded first (maybe two months!) the only paint you can use before that period of time is contract matt emulsion ie dulux supermatt, crown covermatt or similar. The first coat should be thinned with water to allow it to bite into the plaster, then two full coats on top of that should do the job. Do not put the contract emulsion on first and then put a vinyl paint on top straight away as said above, the vinyl in the top coat will seal the moisture in and the only way for it to escape is to make the paint fail (this can take up to 6 months) in other words only use contract matt until you're sure the plaster is fully dry!

Answered 2nd Jul 2012

JLX Maintenance Ltd

Member since 21 May 2012

Hi,yes,all new plaster work,when fully dry, requires a mist coat(a thinned down coat of emulsion) Most paints will say on the tub that they need watering down by at least 10% with clean water for use on new plaster. White is usually used as you can do the walls and ceilings at the same time,just take your time and don't leave tram lines with the roller everywhere!

Answered 24th Jun 2012

sjfuller Building services

Member since 8 Dec 2011

Hello Gordonhighalnders,
We use a matt white paint watered down 50/50% as a mist coat on fresh plaster. The paint must not be vinyl based such as Dulux Super Matt or Glidden Matt emulsion although most supermarket brands are OK for this too. This helps seal the plaster, highlight any little imperfections prior to painting like trowel marks, etc., and stops the top coats getting sucked in, helping them go a little further. Two top coats should then be fine.

With woodwork you can use a combined primer/undercoat then your top coat. Oh, if you have knots in the skirting, please use a knotting solution first. This will stop the resin from the knot bleeding through and giving you a brownish/yellow mark in the future.

All the best.

Answered 23rd Jun 2012

Bowen Developments Limited

Member since 24 May 2012

you should give the new plaster either 1 coat of" new plaster paint" or 1 coat of watered down immulsion pant( about 10% water) the woodwork needs 1 coat of primer before top coating, regards Terry.

Answered 24th Jun 2012

tm property services

Member since 9 Mar 2011

on hew plaster you apply a "miss" coat which is basically slightly watered down emulsion ( white or magnolia ) then min 2 coats of colour . Bare woodwork should have knotting applied to knots , 1 coat primer, 2 coats undercoat and 1 top coat ( gloss ) light sanding in between .

Answered 23rd Jun 2012

GJC Carpentry

Member since 23 Jan 2012

The name phrase for painting new plaster would be called( mistcoat) all this is slightly watererd emulsion paint . Normally 60/40 60%paint 40% water makes sure it's mixed well before applying onto surface. Once fully dried which won't be long you can be ready for a top coat which consists of just paint no water mixed with it . At least cover with two coats to get a great finish that will last!

Answered 14th Dec 2017

Jacksons Plastering

Member since 26 Jul 2017

Hi guys
Yeah would definitely recommend
White wash all your newly plastering works with 3/1 mat paint first
Then paint any colour afterwards..
Best wishes

Troweltradeplasterers 😊

Answered 21st Dec 2017

Trowel Trade Plasterers

Member since 9 Dec 2014

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