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Adding bargeboard

We have an gable end at the front of our house..Our roofline has no bargeboard, the tiles don't overhang.. is it possible to add bargeboard for decorative purposes to enhance the roof line? Thanks

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Yes it can be done but you would need to extend the roof line to prevent water ingress getting behind the badge boards creating dampness. which would be a fair bit of work purely for decorative purposes

Good luck Alex


Answered 26th Jan 2021

If tiles don’t overhang then that’s a fault in itself so yes it’s possible and probably worth it as u can add extra tiles to gain a overhang recommendation of 50 mm


Answered 26th Jan 2021

Hi there,to do this is very simple,you fit the new barge boards and once secured properly,you can take off end verge tiles,and set aside for reuse,now fit 240mm lead flashings which sit on top of roof battens securely fixed to battens using copper Ringshank clout nails,you then fold the new lead flashins over the barge boards and then re bed the tiles that were set aside back the same,that way no water ingress and you have nice decorative barge boards,hope this helps from the team at higher roofing


Answered 10th Feb 2021

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