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Kitchen sink sealant

Had kitchen sink fitted about 30 mins after plumber left my kid put cup in sink , i emptied cup and put in dishwasher, couple hrs later handwashed some pans.
Only just occured to me that silicon also around plug so would cup of disturbed this ( been through dishwasher so can’t see if silicon on) and would me washing up of messed it up.
I was careful not to get edge of sink wet and read online it takes 24 hrs to dry? Will i need it redone

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is it leaking???
that should answer your question


Answered 26th Jan 2021

As above, if no leaks it cured and sealed. 😊


Answered 26th Jan 2021

if the silicone hasn't been touched or damaged and there is no leak you should be ok


Answered 26th Jan 2021

You should be fine, silicon would have formed a skin by then. The silicon around the plug would be a very thin bead anyway and is there purely as a backup. ‘If it doesn’t leak don’t fix it’.


Answered 27th Jan 2021

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