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Have artex in my hall way, have been told that it may contain asbestos?, is this possible and if so what is the best way to get rid of it?

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not all artex has asbestos in it ..but better to assume it has ..safest option is to board over the top and skim {depending on thickness of artex } or just put a bonding coat over the top and skim ..the asbestos levels in artex is extremely low ..but does not hurt to be careful ..all the best

Answered 15th Apr 2011


Member since 30 Sep 2008

hi my name is stuart and yes there wll be asbestos in the artex but it something like 0.00001% not enough to harm you anyway.but i know for a fact that it was taken off licence so any body is able to remove the ceiling and take it to the local tip where they will have a sepaerate container marked for plasterboard just throw it in that one. i hope this helps kind regards stuart

Answered 15th Apr 2011

SDW Property Maintenance

Member since 14 Jan 2011

Hi best way to get rid of artex which may contain asbestos is
1. Do not scrape it its the air borne fibres which cause the damage to yourself
2. Sheet to protect all floors fixtures and fittings
3. Apply poly bond asdhesive to walls and when tacky ypou can plaster with carlite bonding plaster float to make flat.
4. Coat wall again with poly bond adhesive if you let first coat dry fully then apply carlite multi finish plaster to make smooth.

But if really worried get it tested look on internet for a company

Hope this helps.

Answered 15th Apr 2011

CK Robertson Decorators and Plasterers

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bond coat over the top to fill it out then skim coat.

Answered 15th Apr 2011

smooth finish glasgow

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It is very possible.
Either take the plaster board off with it and dispose as contaminated waste or plaster over it. ( much easier and cheaper)
Some will say you can not plaster over it but you can!


Answered 15th Apr 2011

Michael Murphy Builder

Member since 26 Nov 2009

Yes this is true . I tend to plaster over it with browning then plaster finish it.

Answered 15th Apr 2011


Member since 8 Apr 2008

You can pva and skim over artex or overboard and skim.
Artex could contain asbestos, so be careful if drilling holes etc for lights.
If you are worried about it, there are companys that specialise in asbestos removal.

Answered 15th Apr 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

Best thing is to plaster over in my opinion,as long as it's not too lumpy.
Lumpy stuff ,,plasterboard over and plaster finish.
Good Luck

Answered 16th Apr 2011

GSI Property Services

Member since 9 Nov 2008

worked with this problem for a few years now dont believe there is no fibres in it. if this was true why was it notifiable in the first place best solution treat it as positive and with care

Answered 16th Apr 2011

Dartnote Ltd

Member since 2 Nov 2010

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