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1.lime vs 2.building sand vs 3.plaster+san

What are the differences of above? Colour? Time to last? Price?
I guess the same labour time to use either?

Many thanks

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What is the question. As what's been put doesn't make sense, lime is white in colour and will dry lighter in colour when mixed. Cement and lime are opposites. One breaths and is more natural the other sets quicker and is harder, there are a few different mixes and setting times will depend on time of year ie the weather, they both have there use and if its lime work your needing you'll often pay more because its now becoming a specialised way of working and only a few will understand how to use lime properly. Ie mixing times, amounts of water used, leaving it to stand before use, covering up times, lots of variables.


Answered 19th Jan 2021

when using lime you don't add cement useing lime on jobs i have done i use 1 lime and 3 shape sand and 1 building sand yes it drys lighter and more costly


Answered 16th Feb 2021

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