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Grass grows in joint areas of decking

Decking contractor approached to lay decking for entire back garden area so that children can run small bikes etc. on an even and flat area and also can avoid calling garden cutting people every quarters. But noticed with same decking materials laid on other owners properties in front and back gardens, i noticed after few months grass keep growing on all the joint areas. So what is best and economic way to cover such large gardens so that there is no maintenance required?

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A suitable weed suppressant membrane will need to be laid underneath the decking frame. This will stop any kind of weed growth.. although you may still get the odd airborne weed but it'll be alot less than without the membrane.


Answered 16th Jan 2021

A membrane should be laid under the framework of the decking, this will surpress weed growth, from underneath the decking. It won't eliminate weeds completely though as seedlings can travel through the air and land on the decking, the same way the seedlings can land in borders and produce plants you didn't know you had!


Answered 18th Jan 2021

Yes I agree with most of these answers, where a weed membrane should be laid under all new decking
Mike G


Answered 12th Feb 2021

I agree, a weed suppressant should be laid and also pea gravel, that way, any airborne seeds etc will sit in the gravel, making it easier to pull them up. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable but can be minimised


Answered 14th Feb 2021

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