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Flat roof extension fascia boards and guttering

I had my flag roof extension done with fibreglass roof. The guttering has been installed to the front only. On my previous flat roof there were fascia boards on the front and the side walls however this time the builder has not installed any fascia boards to the sides. Can this cause problems and can anything be done about this now that the work is completed? Thank you for the reply. It is a new grp roof front sloping with side kerb trims. I don’t know how to add photos to the questions otherwise I would have uploaded one.

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As long as the roof falls to the front gutter and fascia there shouldn’t be an issue.

I imagine he also installed kerb trims on the two sides and rear these stop rain water falling off theses sides and direct it to the guttering also.

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Answered 14th Jan 2021

If the new roof is grp then the builder might of put kerb trims down the sides to chanel the water to the front which will only need 1 fascia and gutter. A pic would help a better definate answer


Answered 14th Jan 2021

This should be fine I would imagine the Builder has created raised side curves two director water to the guttering at the front in which case you would not need fascias at the site and it all should functions well I hope this is helpful for you


Answered 21st Jan 2021

It’s not a problem if check curb are fitted and if the original fascia was fixed directly to the brick work but if you have exposed timbers where the fascia was then you will have issues with rotting timber and of course if your not happy with the cosmetic look of it get a fascia board fitted


Answered 13th Feb 2021

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