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Door knob/handle combination


We are looking to install a new lock and handles on an exterior (back) door.

We’ve been told to get a 76mm 5 lever sash mortice lock with a BS stamp. We’ve found a Yale lock that matches what we need, but we’re now looking for handles, and this is where the problem lies.

On the exterior side or the door, we’d like to have a door knob that doesn’t turn or open the lock. This way, anyone from outside the house cannot enter without a key. On the interior side, we’d like to have a functioning door handle, that doesn’t require a key to open - but we can open to exit.

To sum up - it should be possible to just close the door shut from the outside without locking with a key, so that it is not possible to re-enter without a key; but from the inside there would be a handle to open the door if not locked.

Does anyone know how this works, and what we need to get to answer our problem?

Many thanks!

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From your description I think you should be looking at a Union 3R35.
It's a mortice locking deadlatch with an aperture for a handle/knob.


Answered 11th Jan 2021

What you are after, a Sashlock with handles will not do as all the handles do is open the latch part of the lock and have nothing to do with the deadlocking part of the lock.
Your are looking to have a british standard nightlatch on the door rather than a sashlock and this will work as you are requesting however when having a nightlatch I would always recommend having a deadlock to go with it anyway to give you the added security.


Answered 11th Jan 2021

The 3R35 is not a British Standard lock, and ridiculously expensive.
I would suggest a Euro mortice nightlatch with a British Standard cylinder.
Or even maybe the new Fin lock, an automatically deadlocking latch, again with a British Standard cylinder.


Answered 15th Jan 2021

Allow customer to keep lock they have already acquired then use any desired fixed handle and escutcheon plate on exterior and use a handle with inter grated key with half sprung spindle on the interior


Answered 18th Jan 2021

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