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Condensation on windows

Hello experts, I have double glazed windows in my house it's a 3bed mid terrace.

What is the best way to prevent condensation forming on the windows apart from the obvious dehumidifier and opening the windows? I'm looking to the closest permanent solution

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The dreaded condensation you will never stop the room needs ventilation or a humidifier alternatively change glass to a rated as this is the only way to reduce as much as possible


Answered 3rd Jan 2021

you could retro fit trickle vents if the frame is wide enough


Answered 3rd Jan 2021

If not got trickle vents installed, would be worth having those fitted


Answered 6th Jan 2021

Trickle vents would definitely help to some extent


Answered 6th Jan 2021

Heat and ventilation is the best cure.
Condensation can be very problematic .
Lifestyle issues and the fabric of the property can all contribute too condensation. Try to keep an even temperature throughout the day and ventilate. If it’s really bad I would definitely invest in a good quality dehumidifier. If moneys tight you can always hire one for a few weeks to kickstart the drying out process.


Answered 9th Jan 2021

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