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Should i smell anything when a one way valve has been fitted?

I just had my conservatory roof replaced and, so the soil stack did not have to go through the roof, it was shortened and a one way valve fitted (the upstairs sink and loo and downstairs kitchen sink/washing machine/dishwasher all connect to the soil stack).
I was told that the valve only lets air in and not out, therefore preventing smells from escaping. However, the other day I noticed a sewer/drain smell in the conservatory. Also, I decided to put the washing machine on and could smell the detergent in the conservatory. I wondered whether the valve only worked when the loo is flushed, but a friend seems to think that it should work for any waste water) As a test, I tried pouring plenty of bleach down the loo and flushing it, but could not smell it in the conservatory. The soil stack and all pipework have been boxed in, so this is my only means of testing it. Is there something else I could possibly use?
Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

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It may be a faulty valve or fitted incorrectly.

These valves can only be fitted in certain areas and within designed criteria

Answered 14th Jun 2012


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are you on mains drainage or a septic tank, these valves will not work with septic tanks, regards Terry.

Answered 14th Jun 2012

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