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How simple is it to dig out grass next to driveway and lay gravel to park a car(its on a slight incline)

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Very easy to do, you will need a skip for disposal of spoil, dig down enough to get minimum 150mm of good clean hardcore, mot type 1.
Give it a good compacting, lay some edgings in concrete to seperate your gravel drive from the lawn.
You can lay some weed control fabric (terain) under the type 1 then just add your desired topping stones.
Dont go to small on the topping stones, cats think its a giant litter tray.

Answered 15th Apr 2011


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It is a relatively easy job to do.

In brief I would recommend:

1. Making sure the existing drive has a suitable retaining edge prior to removing grass as to stop it crumbing/moving when driving over it.

2. You need to put in a retaining edge (timber/concrete edging) around expanded area to prevent remaining grassed area and new shingle area from mixing. This will be your finished level so you need to know what levels you want.

3. You need to excavate down a minimum of 200mm from finished level. (muck away can be expensive).

4. You need to put in a sub base, I would recommend compacted type 1 crushed lime stone or recycled equivalent to a thickness of at least 150mm (or 50mm down from finished level)

5. You need to cover your sub base with a terain under lay then lastly you can add your shingle to the finish.

Alternatively ask for a quote via my builder.

Hope this helps

A&R Ground Works

Answered 15th Apr 2011

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Hi there,
It can be made as easy or as hard as you want.
If you want a quick job - simple. Dig turf off and throw gravel on it or a proper job would be to dig out to a good 9-10inches below level - hardcore compact and then lay your stone.
The choice is yours as a customer.


Answered 15th Apr 2011


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I know you have had a number of replies giving sound advice I would only want to add that a graded 10mm+ Rounded aggregate is one of the better materials of choice as small diameter aggregate tends to get stuck in the tread of vehicles hence clicking all the way down the road or has sharp edges causing potential punctures..
James Anthony

Answered 5th May 2011

Harrington Building and Public Works

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Its a very straightforward job to be honest. You need to dig off the grass and top soil to a depth of around 200mm, then lay about 150mm of type 1 hardcore and use a vibrating roller to compress it. Lay some weed suppressant membrane on that and then lay your gravel. You may need to use some ACO Groundguard interlocking tiles if the gradient is quite substantial or you could end up getting stuck!!

Whatever you do dont just dig off the grass and lay gravel, you could end up with a mud bath and calling the AA to pull you off your driveway!!


Answered 15th Apr 2011

R.Hughes Building and Conservation Ltd

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Very simple if you now what you're doing, we have over 20 years experience at absolute paving.

Answered 8th Oct 2013

Absolute Paving Services

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