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Confused about when plaster is still wet.

May be a stupid question, but how do you know when the plaster is damp/wet? Hopefully getting the outer wall plastered in the living room, I don't know whether to have it all knocked off or just skimmed. We have suffered with condensation and have ventilated the room to solve the problem. These patches appeared high to the top of the wall and head height. As I've come to take the wallpaper off, where its been "stained" by the condensation the plaster feels sticky/tacky. But only on the patch not around it. Is this because of the wall paper paste? Or is the plaster wet? It only feels like that on the patches. The plaster also has patches of orange/brown marks on it again. Is this because of the condensation? Would you advise to take the plaster off to the brick and dry it first? Answers on a postcard please:-) thank you

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Plaster should be dry within a day or so of being done - sounds like you've got some residual adhesive from the wallpaper where the condensation was.

You need to ask a plasterer to look at the wall to make the decision as to whether it is suitable to skim over or need removing.

9/10 it'll be good enough to skim over.

Try posting the job

Answered 13th Jun 2012


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when its white its right (dry)

Answered 13th Jun 2012


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The patches of orange could be old corroded nail at the back of it which will discolour the plaster in areas. the sticky plaster could well be wallpaper paste. I would maybe clean the plaster with vinegar solution and leave to dry, ventilation is very important possible keep the heating on low to help the drying process. hope this helps

Answered 13th Jun 2012

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