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Crystal like growth on interior stone walls

Hi, I live in a grade II property, around 400 years old. A few of the interior stone walls seems to be suffering from slight crumbling (powderdy sand like deposits), and also a crystal like growth (looks similar to salt), there is also some brown staining in these areas. It is happening on both a plastered interior chimney breast (which is worst affected) but also on some areas that have exposed brick work. The areas do not feel damp/wet. What could this be and what sort of expert do I need to check it and treat it? Thank you.

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It may be worth checking the external chimney and roof flashings.

The crystals sound like salt deposits - these occur over time after damp has dried out and are rather common on very old buildings.

The brown staining is a sign of damp


Answered 14th Jun 2012

hi on these types of buildings thay were built with a ruble infill with no cavaty and built whith lime morter not cement i would check for any open joints on the external walls and the flashings also the chimny stack it sounds like salt the brown staining may be were damp as come through at some point causing discouleration you can try just brushing the salt deposit with a soft brush the staining is hard to coment on with out seeing how bad it is building and conservation companies may be the way forword haveing worked on these types of buildings hope this will help


Answered 12th Jul 2012

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