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Concrete roofing.

We live in a mid terraced property. In March we had new battens, felt and switched from tile to concrete slate due to a leaky roof (the felt had perished)

My question is albeit late, is what do roofers use to separate our house (now concrete tile) to next doors tile slate? I can see there is some form of long thing down from the ridge to the gutter but not sure what it actually is.

I was curious.

Thank you

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A bonding gutter will have or should have been used. A riveted fibreglass strip to prevent water from entering either property


Answered 13th Dec 2020

Bonding gutter


Answered 13th Dec 2020

It sounds like a universal dry fix bonding gutter that is the correct way to join two different roofs with different tiles.

This is the new way in line with current british standards for building code for roofs(BS5534) the old way with a cement hip tile looks horrible and will fail in due time when the mortar goes, there is two different types for the modern system, one with a visible divider/hip and another which is completely hidden know as the secret gutter joining strip.

Both are as good as each other and comes down to personal preference too which on you prefer.

Hope this helps,

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Answered 13th Dec 2020

If your house had slates on the roof, and now you have concrete interlocking tiles I would be concerned with the extra weight load on the roof spares


Answered 5th Jan 2021

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