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Driveway without drainage?

I'm about to have my gravel driveway dug out and a block paved driveway laid down.

The company are saying that drainage isn't needed because my drive is fairly flat - does this sound right? I assumed all paved driveways needed drainage?

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If your driveway has a natural slope of around1in 60 mm and runs off onto an existing roadway then you might get off without having drainage however your local roads authority may well insist on you having the surface water contained within your house site which generally means connecting to an existing drain


Answered 11th Dec 2020

I would always put a aco drain in regardless and where possible run it into the downpipe so all rain water will go down your drain where the downpipe runs into


Answered 10th Dec 2020

You will need aqua drains to alow water to drain into a soak away . because it’s a hard standing


Answered 10th Dec 2020

Any reputable contractor should make the customer aware of the front garden legislation regarding water run off.
It's important to note it is not just for driveways but any paving exceeding 5m2.
Legally there is no responsibility on the contractor, it all falls onto the homeowner but a reputable professional should always include SUDS or Sustainable Urban Drainage Sytems.
The repercussions for bot having this work done can lead to issues with the installation but also if spotted by highways authority they can make you add drainage retrospectively or even take up the installation and return it to its original state before work started...both can be very costly to the homeowners.


Answered 11th Dec 2020

Subject to survey really but block paving is self draining if left unsealed


Answered 11th Dec 2020

If your driveway has a natural slope of around 1 in 60 mm and runs off Into the road or street then you might get away with it without having drainage however your local authority might insist on you having the surface water contained within your house site this means connecting to an already existing drain kind regards sean


Answered 11th Dec 2020

If your driveway has a slight fall then you may be ok without drainage. local authority may enforce you to have appropriate drainage to deal with the rain water if they feel it necessary. personally, where i can i will always opt for an aco drain connected to your existing drainage.


Answered 15th Jan 2021

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