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Tiling before installing shower

Is it easier to re-tile before putting a new shower in?

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Install your shower tray get your first fix plumbing ... suggest you tank shower area then tile said area then 2nd fix when all installed silicone all edges


Answered 7th Dec 2020

of course, the correct order is plumbing with a shower tray, and then new tiles .. then fill all corners with silicone


Answered 23rd Dec 2020

Yes, the correct steps is plumbing to install shower tray, and after new tiles and on the end fill all corners with mastic.


Answered 29th Dec 2020

Select and fix shower tray and get first fix plumbing done so your tiler will know where the outlets will be. tank/waterproof all wet area, fix selected tiles and grout always make sure your grout has no pin holes. then silicone all edges.


Answered 7th Jan 2021

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