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Damp spots & wet plaster

I have recently brought a terraced property that is approximately 100 years old. I was planning on re-painting the front room but on inspection I noticed mould growing on the wall next to the front door. The wallpaper has bubbled here in places, and when i have gently looked behind the plaster looks wet and it is generally crumbling. I have not found damp else where in the room although the wall next to the damp spot (the damp is almost in the corner) has some 'dark shadows' at the same height as the mould on the other wall. Does the wall require replastering? The wall is approximately 10 cm wide (it is only a small area next to the front door). OUtside the front door there is a drainpipe leading from the rainwater pipe on the roof. I've noticed this damp patch since we have had lots of rain.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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i would check your down pipe connection on your guttering first and find out where the water is coming from before any plastering takes place or the problem will be a reoccuring one. Hope this helps, Scott


Answered 12th Jun 2012

you need it damp coursing if you plasterer it. it will just keep comeing back


Answered 10th Jun 2012

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