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Can anyone help me as to my rights, a decorator I employed to paint and paper my home is half way through the job but the work and damage to wallpaper is so bad and also the lack of preparation on walls before painting and papering which he had agreed to make good before start. He also wants to charge extra for painting Radiators although that was a verbally agreed upon. What can I do, as I wish to cancel and how much am I obliged to pay him as the whole house will need redecorating plus purchase of paper and paint once more!! HELP

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Firstly have you got written quotes?
You can ask him to stop straight away.
Ask him to present you for a bill for work "completed to date" once you receive this you can compare to work complete and try to discuss quiality with painter, I suggest via email or written, same from him.
If this does not work, make sure you have photos and go to trading standards / Citerzen advice.
When all sorted, use this site to find a good builder/painter.

Good luck


Answered 7th Jun 2012

Pay cheap pay twice. No bargains in building. Is it a cash job, did he give written quotations? If its a cash job and he never gave any written quotation then best to sack now and get it sorted by a professional.If it's all above board tell him what you are not happy with and it must be rectified before you pay any more monies.


Answered 8th Jun 2012

You do not have to pay anything regardless of quailty, most private decorating work is done on trust. The only thing a decorater can do is take a customer to the small claims court if he is not paid but this is a waste of time as people still do not pay up


Answered 14th Jun 2012

Do not pay him a penny and tell him he is no longer required. Get a new decorator in to put his work right. Only prob is, you will have to bare the cost of having his work re-done and the cost of new materials.


Answered 15th Jun 2012

You CANNOT withold payment. You must give the trader a chance to rectify any poor work, with or without a reduction in cost within a reasonable time. Failure to do so will make you liable for the full bill.


Answered 8th Jul 2017

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