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Electricians mate

I am about to leave the Royal Navy and have done some electrical courses as part of retraining package.

ECS Health & Safety
EAl Domestic Installer
C&G 2382 17th Edition
C&G 2391 Testing and Inspection

I am after some work experience, coming along to help out on jobs and happy for unpaid work as I am still getting paid by the navy.

I am in Liverpool City Centre and happy to travel up to about 10 miles.

I just need to consolidate my learning and gain experience.

I am a quick, diligent, and trustworthy and am hoping someone can help out.

Thank you

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If you edit your question stating the area you want to work maybe some one on this site will be near you and looking for an electrician.
You could try the Screwfix talk forum, plenty of Sparkes there, could be a better chance there, they have an electrician and job site.
Another option,leave your details in your local electrical wholesalers.
Best of luck.

Just had a look on the Screwfix site and noticed your post, and the generous offers of a couple of jobs, and good advice from the sparks there, best of luck.


Answered 16th Apr 2011

Why not post it on one of the many forums, is a good one no bitching like some of the others.

As said you should put your area.

Hope it goes well for you.


Answered 14th Apr 2011

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