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Bath/shower mixer taps

Our bath/shower mixer tap when you turn on the cold via the shower has reduced pressure and 10/10 times the hot water ends up scalding hot, when you turn the hot tap off hot water continues to come through via the cold water tap for a good 10 mins, a plumber came to view it and just turned down the hot water setting on the combi boiler which i could have done myself and stated it was all to do with pressure via the boiler.

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It sounds like the mixing valve in the tap requires balanced pressure,and if you have a combi boiler you will not have balanced pressure, has the problem been the case since the tap was installed, if it has then the balanced pressure will be the issue, if it has developed the problem it will be somthing else but i would need to know more about the tap itself.

Answered 6th Jun 2012

BDE Plumbing

Member since 11 May 2012

It sounds like the hot water is mains fed-high preasure and the cold water is gravity fed-low preasure. Hot water could be passing through the valve and up the cold feed to the tank which would be why you get hot water running when you turn to the cold setting. But running hot for 10min when turning on the cold setting sounds really wierd.

Answered 8th Jun 2012

kevin cassidy building contractors

Member since 16 Dec 2010

Is the cold water to the shower supplied via a tank?

Answered 6th Jun 2012

Chamberlain Maintenance

Member since 3 Oct 2008

replace the mixer tap for the correct one

Answered 7th Jun 2012

Anderson Heating & Gas

Member since 30 Jul 2008

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