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I recently got my house plastered/skimmed and painted it myself.
I read online about applying a mist coat before painting however, I realise now that this should have been done with Matt rather than Silk.
I have painted the house 2 coats watered down silk and then about 3 or 4 coats with normal silk emulsion.
Whenever the paint is scuffed it comes away in certain areas right back to the plaster, even when I removed masking tape when painting my skirtings, it took the paint right back to the plaster.
Is there anything I can do to help with this except sanding it all back down and starting again?

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The first coat has to be Matt and dry before you put a second coat on it dose not mater if the second coat is silk or Matt as long as the first coat is good paint and you have put enough water in the first coat I only do 3 coats but I let them dry between coats


Answered 17th Nov 2020

There are many products and sealers out there that may be a temporary solution, but I would say in my experience this will always be an ongoing problem unless sanded back and done again unfortunately


Answered 17th Nov 2020

The only thing I can suggest is to rub or scratch off as much as you as you can then start again the correct method and hit the skiirtng as well, other alternatives are to apply lining paper and decorate or pva the walls rub down (important) then start again.


Answered 17th Nov 2020

I think I would definitely paint PVA properly diluted with water, then subsequent layers of paint, remembering to dry after each layer, I have never had a problem with painting walls after plastering, best regards


Answered 26th Nov 2020

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