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Thermostat fitted without a quote


Wondering if somebody could help with my dilemma. A little while ago I had a problem with my boiler. I called on the insurance and they relayed my issue on to another company to investigate and repair.

The engineer came round to take a look at the boiler, and while he was there I mentioned that I am thinking of having a thermostat fitted. I asked before he left if I could have a quote to have one fitted and hopefully then it could be installed when he comes back with the replacement part ordered for the repair. Providing it was reasonable etc.

Several weeks later no news on the engineer coming back to replace the part and no quote received either verbally or by email. So I call the company in question. They advise that they have the replacement part and the engineer should arrive the next day to fit it. I asked again about the thermostat quote and was told they would send it to me later in day (same day I called). At the end of the day still no quote.

The following day the engineer arrives, I let him in and he starts his work. I'm in another room working from home in meetings so I leave him to it, assuming he is only replacing the part for the insurance as I haven't agreed to anything else. I then hear drilling coming from where he's working, so when I get a spare minute I go to investigate. Turns out he's not just completed the insurance repair, but fitted a thermostat as well! I mention that I've not even had a quote and was met with the response "oh, well I'm not taking it down now". He calls the office and tells them that it's been installed but no quote was received. They once again advise that they'll contact me with a price.

A couple of months have now passed, I haven't chased the company further as quite frankly I'm mystified by how this has been handled, and it's not my responsibility to keep chasing. I've finally been sent not a quote, but an invoice for the thermostat and the installation of it.

It's not a huge invoice by any means however, given the poor communication coupled with the fact I hadn't even seen or approved a quote I feel very put out by just accepting it. Is it reasonable to present the following options to them?

1. I'll pay cost price for the thermostat without installation.

2. Offer them the option of removing the thermostat, but demand the drilled holes (where the receiver has been fitted) to be filled and the wall to be painted.

Just wondering if anyone can advise if I am within my rights to offer those options or I would need to pay the full invoice.

Thank you

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this is not the engineers fault he did as the company he works told him to do, as elx said you should have told him to stop as he was doing it, but if you speak to the company you should be able to conclude the matter between you.


Answered 13th Nov 2020

Never demand or threaten, the moment you can be seen as unreasonable they have won.
Ask them to remove it and tell them you are wondering about legality of the damage done to your property during the installation of the unwanted thermostat.

Whatever you do, stay calm and reasonable.

You have to be able to prove you haven’t requested or allowed the work to take place.

You don’t have to actually agree to anything. Your actions alone have formed the contract. By allowing him to install it and not insisting on its immediate removal or taking any further actions, you have shown your intention to enter the contract.
I would very careful with this one. You are unfortunately the one with the burden of proof.


Answered 12th Nov 2020

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