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Screeding wear and tear!

Hi, I’m currently renovating my house, however I have run out of funds and am unable to complete the kitchen. Currently the space is unusable as there is no flooring in place. I was wondering if I can install underfloor heating and then just screed it. However I’m worried about it wearing out with us walking over it all day. What would you advise?

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if its screeded foot traffic will be fine.


Answered 10th Nov 2020

Place sheets of ply board over the top of the screed. Completely safe to walk on but make sure the screed has fully dried out.


Answered 10th Nov 2020

If your screeding over underfloor heating you need to use a fibre screed , but once it cured it would be fine for foot traffic


Answered 11th Nov 2020

Screed floors was used before this new liquid screed as long as it's mixed properly and layed correctly using sharp sand not building sand it will last for years minimum depth of 50mm


Answered 12th Nov 2020

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